Brite Organix Semi-Permanent Hair Color

So recently I got together with Forever 21 and we I got to play around with some fun hair color products. As some of you may or may not know, I not only freelance doing hair and makeup on set but I also work behind the chair in a salon! 

This year I really stepped out of my comfort zone and started to experiment with fun bright colors on myself. From Silver, to Neon Yellow to Minty Green and Blue.. so when I discovered Brite Organix they definitely sparked my interest. What really caught my attention is that they’re not only a Cruelty Free company but they are also organic and vegan friendly. 

Brite Organix offers many different products like Hair Shadow, Shampoos and Conditioners and more. I personally got to play with their Liquid Hair Chalk on myself. It’s super easy to use and it washes right out! The most frequently asked question I get about their Liquid Hair Chalk is, “Does it really work on brunettes and dark hair?”  I have to admit, I didn’t think it would but we tested it out on set on someone with dark curly ringlets and it not only worked but it was just as bright as mine! REALLY!

Check out my review below and if you’re interested in checking out the products discussed below click here:

(NOTE: This blog entry is not sponsored by Brite Organix)

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