Get the Look: Bronze Goddess

Products used: MAC Gloss on the lids, Gleam by Melanie Mills in Rose Gold to highlight cheekbones, and MAC’s Fix+ all over to finish

To create this look, I gave my model a deep brown and gold smokey eye. I used my finger to gently apply MAC Gloss to the lids to achieve a glossy eye. You can also use Vaseline or generic petroleum jelly. –This isn’t ideal for an every day look as the gloss will move very quickly, but this a neat way to get a unique look for photo.

To get a dewy finish, I buffed in Gleam by Melanie Mills in ‘Rose Gold’ over the high points of her face like her cheek bones and down her nose. And to seal the deal, spritz MAC’s Fix+ all over for an all over glow.

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